Thank you for your interest in serving Christ with us!

We would love to have you serve alongside us at Father’s Heart this upcoming year. At Father’s Heart, we do take servant-leadership very seriously, so we ask that you would take it seriously as well. We encourage you to commit to leadership early on so you can take part in the most meetings and help us plan and coordinate the upcoming retreat! 

As we prepare for the next year, we want to do so intentionally and together as a team and a family. We do ask that you take this commitment seriously, as we meet and prepare for the next Father’s Heart retreat, that you would prioritize FH and, barring emergencies or schedule conflicts, be able to make it out to meetings, events, and ultimately the retreat itself. It is not “too soon to know”, you can commit and if God calls you to another duty or responsibility, through prayer, wisdom, and discussion, Father’s Heart would joyfully understand that your desire or calling has changed! If you have any other questions or concerns, please do let us know; again, we say all of this because we can’t imagine much better than being able to serve alongside you, committed to Christ and His work through Father’s Heart this next year, and in the lives of all the students and staff He will bring. 

Please go ahead and use the “Register” link in the top right of this page to sign-up for leadership if you are interested! We look forward to getting in touch with you.